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Знаменитое «эссе о тортилье» школы Stanford. Часть 2

Знаменитое «эссе о тортилье» школы Stanford. Часть 2

Несколько лет назад один кандидат написал эссе, которое впоследствии стало знаменитым «эссе о тортилье». Критики удивлялись, как автора такого эссе могли принять в Stanford...

Продолжение. Начало читайте здесь.


Ultimately, I learned about much more than how to graph supply and demand curves. I learned about confidence and leadership. Professor [deleted]‘s creativity and initiative inspired me to think critically and to explore the application of economic analysis to other areas. This prompted me to complete two summers of research and regression analysis projects on low-income housing and volunteer labor. These research projects were some of my first real attempts at thinking “outside the box” while testing and stretching my academic stamina. The work I completed helped me develop self-confidence in my analytical abilities.

Professor [deleted] also demonstrated effective leadership. Her charismatic style made her approachable and motivated me even when I was unsure of myself. She helped me set goals that were challenging yet realistic and structured our research projects so that I could meaningfully address my educational and developmental needs. Most importantly, I learned that a key to successfully leading people with diverse interests, as she often did, was uniting them behind a common vision and ensuring that everyone’s concerns were acknowledged. I have applied this leadership style at [deleted] Consulting to motivate and unite teams of clients and consultants with very different goals and perspectives. For example, at an aerospace client, I led a team that included a golf-loving aerospace engineer who was fast-approaching retirement and an inexperienced analyst. I noticed that because of their specific concerns, they were easily distracted or discouraged. I brought the team together by rallying everyone around a common vision, addressing their issues, and ensuring that they felt important and were meaningfully engaged. This enabled me to bring together competing perspectives to form a cohesive team that successfully reached our goals. Overall, the leadership and confidence I learned from my relationship with Professor Brown has been invaluable in both my personal and professional life.

The values I learned through my [deleted] College relationships have enriched my ability to understand the differences between my home community and the world at large, and to develop and sustain relationships. These learnings have been excellent preparation for what I regard as one of my most significant relationships to date: mentoring [deleted], an Education First Scholar. My role as [deleted]‘s mentor was intended to help her adjust to college life. Despite that arrangement, I think she has made an even greater impression on me!

When I first met [deleted], I was deeply moved by the challenges she overcame and could relate to some of the cultural issues she encountered. She too was a Latina from [deleted] with a conservative upbringing. However, her life took a much different course. As a young girl, [deleted] witnessed her parent’s marital problems before her father left the family. Feeling the absence of a father in her life, [deleted] grew dependent on her boyfriend and became pregnant. Despite those issues, [deleted] is a teenage mother who beat the odds by completing her high school education and gaining admission into a number of universities. As her Education First mentor, I have counseled [deleted] on issues ranging from potential majors to childcare alternatives. What has impacted me the most about our relationship is her ability to face any challenge head-on and maintain high spirits even during highly stressful times.

Because of [deleted], I see the world from a new perspective. Her strength, courage, and optimism have inspired me to face my own challenges more courageously and have also taught me a deeper level of introspection. Even though we share similar cultural backgrounds, I see how differently our lives have played out as a result of circumstance. Our relationship has given me a stronger sense of empathy and a better understanding of issues that can impact the well-being of colleagues and friends. Rather than fear setbacks and challenges, I have learned to face them as bravely and optimistically as possible and view them as opportunities to broaden myself. Despite the obstacles [deleted] faced growing up and the challenges of raising a baby while in high school and college, she has an incredibly strong and optimistic spirit – an attitude and outlook I have adopted in my own life.


The values I learned through our relationship were especially important last year when I encountered a significant obstacle of my own. For much of last year I was ill. It started with rashes and hives. Severe fatigue and aching joints slowly set in. Throughout this difficult time, I still managed to complete my client and non-profit work with little disruption. However, after countless doctor visits and blood tests, I received devastating news: my symptoms and lab work pointed to lupus, an illness that is manageable but often leads to significant health complications. I was scared, but drew strength from the courage and optimism I saw in [deleted]. Rather than succumb to fear, I chose to remain optimistic and do everything in my power to get well.

After several difficult months, my health and my life turned around. My doctors revised the diagnosis after many of my symptoms disappeared and my lab work alone was no longer conclusive evidence of lupus. As grateful as I am to have my health back, I also appreciate the new perspective I gained from this experience and am thankful for relationships with individuals who have inspired me to reach a new level of courage and determination.

Relationships have shaped my values, enriched my ability to relate to and support others, and have helped me understand how my family has shaped my perspective. It is important for me to continue developing relationships because they are a source of continuous education and personal growth. My relationships have allowed me to establish my own identity as an independent, tolerant, and free-spirited woman. The greatest outcome from my relationships is the realization that the better I understand myself, the better I am able to understand others, making me a stronger colleague, mentor, and friend. Relationships have also enriched the way I interact with my family and those closest to me and have provided insight and perspective into my own goals.

One of my primary goals in life is to continue developing strong relationships and the diverse Stanford community is the perfect environment in which to do so. While at Stanford, I hope to not only share my experiences and perspectives, but also learn through the experiences and perspectives of others. I hope to challenge my classmates to look within themselves to understand how building diverse relationships can help them grow as well. My life is richer and my goals are greater because I have opened myself to so many new people and ideas. It’s hard to believe there was a time when all I wanted to eat were tortillas!

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