Москва, улица Красина, дом 27, строение 2,
подъезд 2, 4 этаж, М. Маяковская

26.04, Moscow - One Day as an MBA with IE Business School

Программа мероприятия:
10.00-14.00 - Воркшоп по ведению переговоров
14.30-15.30 - Панельная дисскуссия с выпускниками
15.30-17.00 - Тест ieGAT
17.00 - 18.30 - Как оценить стоимость компании (для стартаперов и инвесторов)

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Более подробно о каждом мероприятии: 
Life consists of billions of negotiation moments. At work, with friends and with family as well. How often do you “leave the table” with the feeling of being extremely satisfied with the result? Come learn about negotiations during our next session titled, “Enlarging the Pie”.

During this session we will learn that in most negotiations it is incorrect to assume that when one party gets more value, it is always at the expense of the other party. We will also cover how to negotiate in order to maximize the joint value obtained. We will also see how preparation is a key ingredient for succeeding in negotiation and learn about the key ingredients of good preparation. There will be a lecture and a chance to work in small groups; a fun and practical experience from a top business school guaranteed!

The workshop will be given by our Professor of Negotiations and Finance, Julio Urgel. Afterwards, we will hold a panel with alumni. During the panel, you will hear about their experience of studying at IE, peculiarities of different programs and the impact the program had on their careers.

Master Class "I Want to Buy Your Company! Modern trends in company valuation"

Buying and selling companies is an Art on its own. While as minimum it has two points of view depending on whether we are a buyer or a seller the reality shows there is a wide range of options possible. Basing our forecasting on a number of assumptions the crystal ball gives a number of numbers. With all the market uncertainties that exist the valuation is a challenging task. Come to learn from the top professor of Finance, Julio Urgel the approaches of valuating companies. During the talk current M&A cases will be offered for a discussion.
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Julio Urgel is a professor of Corporate Finance and of Negotiation at IE Business School since 1989. He also manages to find time to serve as Deputy Director General of the EFMD, an international association of business schools based in Brussels, responsible for EQUIS, the leading international accreditation system for business schools around the globe. In both his teaching and his consulting work, where he specializes in mergers and acquisitions, the former IE Business School Dean enjoys exploring the skills that lay between negotiation and corporate finance. “I believe I have the right knowledge, skills and expertise to advise people on complex negotiations, whether I’m teaching negotiation or mediating in my consulting work,” he says.

Also, you may take this opportunity to sign up for the IE Global Admissions Test if you have already begun your application process. To find out more about this test, please click here .

Please send your CV to , with Moscow ieGAT as the subject, before the 20 of April.
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