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Эссе в бизнес школу: Your commitments

Эссе в бизнес школу: Your commitments

Как степень МВА поможет вам в достижении ваших краткосрочных и долгосрочных целей? Этот вопрос вам зададут при поступлении в любую бизнес школу. Будьте готовы!

Question: Clearly state how you will apply the tools of the MBA in meeting your short term and long term goals. In additions, discuss your cultural, social, and civic commitments.

As a supplement to my initial application, I would like to address three areas: First, I will chronicle my professional advancements since submitting my initial application. Second, I will discuss my community service activities since my initial application submission, activities planned for the coming year, and those in which I intend to participate while at Columbia Business School. Finally, I will detail why a Columbia MBA is still the best way to attain my short- and long-term goals. At the time of my initial application, approximately six months ago, I was a relatively new hire at [Company 1]. Because of this, my responsibilities were not indicative of my abilities, particularly in the management arena. While I quickly proved myself to be worthy of greater responsibility, I kept my initial assignment until it was completed in May 2003 due to its high priority and my superior skills. I was then assigned the management of the product design team of a major module of a different project. After three months of successfully managing the design of that module, two other product design teams were assigned to me. In addition, I took on the management of the product design team of a subsystem related to the two new teams. Responsibility for a derivative of the initial module I was managing was also assigned to me. While the subsystem has been completed, I am currently managing product design teams, ranging in size from three to six engineers, on three major modules and a derivative of one of those modules. None of my peers have managed more than two modules at one time. In a relatively short span I have gone from a new hire with unknown abilities to one of my department's most valued members.

Even with my increased professional responsibilities, I have continued with my community service activities while adding additional activities, and I intend to continue to do so until enrolling at Columbia Business School in the fall of 2004, when I will transition into new community service opportunities. I still tutor a learner with a learning disability twice a week. Soon after submitting my application, I participated in a four-day trip to Mexico to build houses for poor families of which I had been assisting in the organization. I have also participated in a number of workdays on a local Habitat for Humanity construction project. In addition, this past July I spent a week teaching Vacation Bible School at my church after work. I intend to continue tutoring my learner and participating in Habitat for Humanity workdays throughout the coming year. In addition, I expect to be an organizer and participant in the annual trip to Mexico to build houses. While I am sure that I will not have an opportunity to participate in all of the community service programs offered by Columbia Business School, some of the ones I intend to participate in are the Harlem Tutorial Program, Managers in International Development Initiative, and Small Business Consulting Program. Community service is a major part of my life, and it will continue to be so while I am at Columbia Business School and beyond.

While I enjoy the challenges of my new projects and responsibilities at work, my current community service work continues to fuel my passion for helping others. In particular, my passion for helping emerging markets develop environmentally and socially responsible, modern economies has not wavered. Specific to that broad ideal, my short- and long-term goals have not changed either. I still intend to enlist in the MBA Enterprise Corps upon the completion of my Columbia MBA, followed by several years in the private sector leveraging my engineering background and Columbia MBA to develop and manage non-exploitive production facilities in developing nations. After gaining a thorough understanding of the issues affecting international development, I intend to segue into changing some of the well intentioned, yet misguided, policies affecting the fate of developing nations. Since my goals have not changed, a Columbia MBA is still undoubtedly the best preparation for accomplishing these goals. Specific to my short-term goals, a Columbia MBA will provide me with the skills and knowledge I do not currently possess that are necessary to succeed. Courses in areas such as emerging markets, finance, and operations will provide me with the strong academic foundation necessary to accomplish my objectives. From my classmates, professors, and the general populace of New York City, my understanding of the various cultures in which I will be working will be greatly enhanced. Columbia's proximity to innumerable corporations working in emerging markets will also be quite helpful to me. Networking with Columbia alumnae and other executives at these companies while attending Columbia Business School and in the years following will be greatly beneficial to me. Interning with one of these corporations throughout the year will allow me to graduate from Columbia Business School with a significant amount of work experience directly related to international development. Clubs such as the Emerging Markets Club, Net Impact, and the Africana Association will provide an additional avenue for improving my understanding of emerging markets and corporate social responsibility.

Finally, study abroad opportunities and the Chazen / Berlitz Language Program will also improve my abilities to succeed in developing nations. Combining the skills I currently have and my passion for international development with a Columbia MBA will assure me of great success during my MBA Enterprise Corps service and while establishing non-exploitive production facilities in emerging markets in the years following. Many of my same experiences while at Columbia Business School that will help me succeed in my short-term goals will be of great use to me as I develop policies affecting the development of emerging markets. However, aspects of my Columbia MBA education that may not be used as prevalently during the early stages of my career will become more important as I segue into a career of policy development. One of these is my coursework in public and non-profit management. In addition, while at Columbia Business School, I intend to leverage the proximity to and many connections within the United Nations for networking opportunities. While many of the clubs and activities that will assist me in my short-term goals will do the same for me during my career in policy development, a few additional ones will also be useful to me. Three of these are the Columbia Business School Political Association, the Social Enterprise Club, and the Global Social Venture Competition. My years at Columbia Business School and my experience in the years following will provide me with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop prudent and effective policies affecting emerging markets.

Since submitting my initial application six months ago, I have continued to show myself to be a superior manager and a tireless worker for causes in which I believe. These traits and a Columbia MBA will provide me with the skills and opportunities necessary to succeed in my objective of developing emerging markets in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

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