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Эссе в бизнес школу: Вы профессионал

Эссе в бизнес школу: Вы профессионал

Эссе в Indian Business School. Расскажите, в каких областях вы проявляете себя как настоящий профессионал...

Question: Post ISB where do you think you would like to be professionally?

Upon completion of my course at Indian School of Business, I will be part of a corporate strategy team with specific focus on mergers and acquisitions. My role will be in identifying, evaluating, concluding and integrating possible mergers and acquisitions opportunities. This role will enable me in planning strategic direction of organization, defining the market spaces that it operates in and in identifying the growth opportunities. There will be a working relationship with corporate management to ensure that organisation design is aligned with corporate strategies. I would be involved in creation of an integrated brand building framework and to supervise its implementation by the various Business and Support units. My knowledge base of Asia Pacific market and my exposure in client organisations will aid me in that role. I would strive to move up to become part of the corporate where in I can position organization for growth and success in an ever-emerging global competitive landscape. In addition, I can thus play a pivotal role in managing key relationships with highest stakeholders such as CXOs of the customer and partner organisation.

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