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Эссе в бизнес школу: Опыт и успех

Эссе в бизнес школу: Опыт и успех

Напишите о своем опыте. Как он поспособствовал вашему профессиональному росту, помог добиться карьерных высот? Как вы пришли к успеху? Для бизнес школ это важно!

Question: "Write about your experiences at work and how they contributed to your growth"

To be an architect was a childhood fantasy that I built as I spent hours with my colors and Lego. Growing up in a home where knowledge about the field was minimal, the decision to study architecture was unconventional as the preference among the youth in India, was medicine or engineering. It was only when my family realized my almost unhealthy obsession with art and craft, that they supported my decision.

Graduating from the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai, India, I worked with smaller architect organizations so that I could observe the overall working of an architect's firm. Interacting with experienced designers on prestigious projects, on a personal level, gave me a chance to be able to visualize the project, with the maturity of my superiors. I started out as an intern with [Company 1] and then continued as a junior architect. I soon realized how the profession was so much beyond pedagogic training. I worked on corporate offices for international clients like [Company 2] and [Company 3], where, perfection in work was taken for granted or else we would lose the client and the business.

The one year at [Company 1], was an extension of school. With Architect [deleted], who I worked with next, I grew exponentially, as a designer and as a professional. Here, even though I was the youngest in the organization, I was responsible for larger projects. Working here was truly rewarding, since I was given maximum freedom in thought, ideas and design compelling me to give my best performance, every time. My assignments ranged from designing a 300,000 sq ft multiplex, a landmark near New Delhi, fine dining restaurants, to residential interiors. As a Project Manager, my role was to solicit the right kind of business, respect the clients' needs and meet deadlines. Unlike my previous job, this experience taught me to visualize and perform, keeping in mind the whole scheme of things. It was about working for a company, rather than just personal satisfaction.

My perseverance and enthusiasm was soon realized and I was promoted to an Associate level, where my task encompassed managing the business of the client in addition to that of our firm. I had to have the foresight to ensure that my input in the project would result in the client's success. With media giants like [deleted] and [deleted], corporate image is of cardinal importance and working for such clients was challenging but thrilling. I came to appreciate that publicity has a great impact on an architects' success. For example, my work at [deleted] was greatly appreciated, which in turn helped us in getting us business from [deleted], another multinational media firm.

Approximately four years of experience has given me the confidence to work independently as a Consultant. A couple of my initial endeavors have been well received. I am certain formal business training, in a good school, would provide me with the right skills and mould me in becoming dynamic businesswoman.

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