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Эссе в бизнес школу: Карьерные перспективы

Эссе в бизнес школу: Карьерные перспективы

Представителей приемной комиссии любой бизнес школы интересует дальнейшее развитие вашей карьеры. Каким вы видите свой путь? Что бы вы предприняли, если бы вам пришлось остаться на текущем месте работы?

Question: Please describe the evolution of your career. If you were to remain with your present employer, what would be your next step in terms of position? (250 words)

Consulting was my career choice after school because it challenged me to apply rigorous analytical and problem solving skills that I learnt as an engineer to business problems. In my first two years as a consultant, I absorbed core business skills such as working with cross-functional teams, effective communication, result oriented planning, business value measurement, facilitation, and consensus building. My exemplary performance as a consultant earned me opportunities to lead project teams. In this phase of my career, I grew my abilities in building and motivating teams, facilitating a shared vision, and delivering results. Initially, I successfully led three team members on a 4-month project with a budget of $200,000. Building on my successes, I took on increasingly complex projects over the next three years. On my largest project, I managed a team of 15, on a 6-month, multi-phase, eCommerce implementation, with a budget of over $2 million. Two years ago, I was promoted to Principal because I not only excelled as a project lead, but also achieved stretch goals such as developing new business and mentoring team members. Two aspects of my career evolution since are noteworthy. First, I have grown a network of clients who trust me and seek my advice on setting technology strategy and planning technology implementations. Second, I have honed my ability to identify talented people, motivate them, and match them to opportunities where they can shine. I manage two to four engagements and several new business opportunities concurrently, with a $500,000 quarterly revenue target. Currently, I am in discussions with company leadership on my next position as a National Business Intelligence (BI) Practice lead. My expertise in BI technologies makes me a clear choice for advising clients and providing oversight on BI engagements. Also, my outstanding track record in relationship management, and my strong communication and inter-personal skills position me well for success. To excel in my next role, I realize that I have to develop new competencies. I need a theoretical basis in management practices in a global context. I also need to develop my abilities to perform strategic planning, evaluate opportunities, and direct business functions such as sales, marketing, and alliances. A formal foundation in general management, such as an INSEAD MBA, will enable me to be very successful in my next position and, more importantly, put me on the fast track to executive management.

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