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Эссе в бизнес школу: Diversity

Эссе в бизнес школу: Diversity

Все бизнес школы стремятся поддерживать разнообразие студенческого состава. Какой вклад внесете в это окружение вы с вашими знаниями, умениями и навыками? 

QUESTION: The Schulich School of Business is known for its diversity. How will you, your background and your experience, contribute to learning in this environment?

My mottos are 'Charaibeti' (Sanskrit for 'keep on moving') and 'Nihil Ultra' (Latin for 'nothing beyond'). Denying limitations and staying open to opportunities have led me to diverse experiences: I grew up in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Calcutta; I lived in Africa (where I had an accidental encounter with Edi Amin, the tyrant from Uganda); I participated in the 3rd South Asian Federation Games; I took part in the Toronto International Marathon; and I also developed an interest for Indian philosophy, a passion for Indian classical music and a love for Bengali literature. These experiences, and many others, have contributed to my values, beliefs and interests, and played a significant role in shaping my personality. I look forward to drawing on these experiences and contributing unique insights to Schulich's multicultural community.

I am an industrious and ambitious person who is not afraid to challenge the status quo. For example, while doing research at [deleted] University, Canada, I discovered anomalies in a famous turbulence model, proposed a solution and used computer simulations to prove the validity of my model. At times, I felt that I was swimming against the tide; however, I took up the challenge and established my opinion (which became the dissertation for my M.Sc. (Engineering)). My ability to devise innovative solutions will, I believe, help to stimulate Schulich's challenging learning environment. Further, my experience of conducting research in an academic environment has endowed me with analytical and research skills to help me tackle complex business problems at Schulich from a different viewpoint.

In addition to my experience in an academic environment, I have a great deal of diverse practical experience. Although trained as a mechanical engineer, most of my work experience has come from the design and development of mission-critical and safety-critical information systems. Over the last five years, I have worked in a variety of roles in the high-tech consulting industry, including technical team leader, verification team leader, quality management system designer, system analyst, software designer, software developer, and network administrator, that would help me bring 'real world' experience to Schulich's learning environment. My experiences of working as a mechanical engineer in the manufacturing sector in India during the early 90's (when the engineering sector of India was coping with the newly-introduced liberalization of the Indian economy), and as an Information Technology consultant and Quality Systems consultant for a variety of clientele in the financial services, nuclear, telecommunications and e-commerce sectors of Canada and U.S. during the pre-Y2K boom and post-Y2K downturn have given me the opportunity to acquire a myriad of interests and skills. My interest in the financial market induced me to invest heavily in dot-com companies in NASDAQ. Moreover, I have been closely following the political and economic changes of the so-called 'Asian Tiger' (India) and the phenomenal growth of the Indian IT industry through the last decade. All these experiences, I believe, would help me provide a unique perspective to case study discussions and add depth and breadth to class debates at Schulich.

As a consultant, I often work on several projects simultaneously, each project having its own team. Success demands that I wear different hats and face constant change and new challenges, while remaining confident and assertive. I am an accomplished 'multi-tasker' who will fit seamlessly into the team-based learning environment at Schulich, enriching the environment with my maturity, enthusiasm, problem-solving ability, professionalism, leadership ability, people skills and time management abilities.

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