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Эссе в бизне школу: Неожиданная ситуация

Эссе в бизне школу: Неожиданная ситуация

Question: You find yourself on an elevator with the Dean of Chicago GSB. Please tell him why this is the right school for you, and what you hope to contribute if admitted.

The Coat and the Candidacy.

"Good morning! Which floor do you need? Seventh? Well, you'll have some company, then. I have to tell you I just love your coat! Very classy and smart, not something trendy you see every day. And what a great fit! That reminds me of my candidacy for the GSB, actually. You are Dean Snyder, right? I recognize you from the school brochure. Well, if you have a minute, I would love to tell you what your coat and my candidacy have in common".

A Perfect Fit.

"I have to start by saying that the GSB is where I belong. On my two visits, I experienced camaraderie that exactly reflects the business school culture I wish to enjoy. During Homecoming weekend, I went to a party hosted by some of the GSB first-years. On my second visit, I went to "TNDC" with my friend and current first-year, [Name], where I felt accepted into the GSB circle. I found that I share similar goals and interests with the students I met, making 'fitting in' effortless. In addition to the culture, many other attributes draw me to the University of Chicago. During my two visits to the GSB, I saw how concerned the faculty is, was impressed by the flexible curriculum, and visited the top-rated career services center. I also love Chicago and have returned many times since first visiting in the fall of 2001. My experiences with Chicago and the GSB have left me feeling that I want nothing more than to attend the University of Chicago."

Classy, Smart, Different.

"I will also be a 'smart and different' addition to your 2004 Entering Class. Two attributes that stand out in my mind are that I am Southern and I am smart. With my Southern hospitality, I will help you with your goal of fostering a sociable and warm environment at the GSB. As for intelligence, I graduated in the top 1.5% of my class with a double major and a minor. Selective admission into the Honors College at my university is comparable to that of many top tier schools, with requirements of 1300 on the SAT and a top 5% ranking in one's high school class. I achieved my 3.9 GPA while heavily involved on campus, serving on the executive board of six organizations. Which reminds me - I am excited just thinking about the extracurricular opportunities offered by the GSB! I anticipate pursuing membership in the Management Consulting Group and Chicago Women in Business. I also know I will strive to become a LEAD facilitator in my second year, if accepted to the GSB. Dean Snyder, I hope my short introduction has demonstrated that I am as unique and well-fitting as that coat of yours. It would be my pleasure to bring these attributes and more to the University of Chicago. Perhaps we'll meet again on the elevator in the new GSB campus building next fall."

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